Theatre Work

(Partial List)


I Stand Before You Naked, Wealthy Lady, West Coast Ensemble, by Joyce Carol Oates
The Glass Menagerie, Amanda, UCLA Shakespeare Perf.Group.Commercials (web)
A Scenario for the Oresteia, Clytemestra, West Coast Ensemble
Eddie Quinn, Barbara, World Premiere, West Coast Ensemble
Moliere’s ”Learned Ladies,” Philamente, West Coast Ensemble
Joint Return, Ann, (One Act Festival), West Coast Ensemble
Full Moon & High Tide, Sybil, Company of Angels
The Subject Was Roses, Nettie, Fig Tree Theater, George Hardy, Director
Dusk Before Fireworks, (Dorothy Parker works), Company of Angels
Threads, Jessie, Company of Angels
Tumbleweed Junction, Lil (original melodrama), Meridian Theater

Romeo & Juliet, Lady Capulet, CBS Television Studios
Notes for a Novel: Shakespeare’s Sonnets In Performance (2-person original show)
The Winter’s Tale, Paulina, The Shakespeare Circle
Merry Wives of Windsor, Mistress Page, The Shakespeare Circle
Hamlet, Gertrude, West Coast Ensemble
Her Infinite Variety - A Celebration of Shakespeare’s Women
Mistress Paige/Cleopatra, West Coast Ensemble


Joyce’s Shakespearean career includes the roles of Juliet, Romeo and Juliet; Helena, Midsummer Night’s Dream; Gertrude, Hamlet; Goneril, King Lear; Queen Margaret, Richard III; Paulina, The Winter’s Tale; Lady Capulet, Romeo and Juliet, which was an acclaimed CBS Studio production of the play.db_img000141

Mira Rostova (NY), Jeff Corey, Neil Vipond (A Noise Within Conservatory), Carol Ries,
Stella Adler

Special Skills:
Singing, Guitar, Guitar, Modern & Social Dancing, Swimming, Drama Workshops

Southern, British, Russian, German, Cockney, Irish


Full Moon and High Tide in the Ladies Room
“Joyce Meadows’ gives an in depth portrait, with strong moments and some of the play’s best lines.”
-- LA Weekly

The Subject Was Roses
“Joyce Meadows’ considerable talent explores the depths of a relationship of over 20 years.”
-- Readers Guide

“Joyce Meadows is a constant delight as a social climbing neighbor.”
-- Drama Logue, Critics Choice

The Marriage-Go-Round
“The play from beginning to end belongs to Joyce Meadows. Ms. Meadows has a high sense of comedy... Swedish accent is unfailingly accurate.”
-- Jack Sheridan, Texas Critic

The Rainmaker
“Joyce Meadows, the delightful old maid Lizzie, is provocative and appealing, she’s loaded with talent.”
--Jack Sheridan, Texas Critic

Joyce was greatly acclaimed at UCLA for her performance of Amanda in the Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie.



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