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A Golightly Gathering (Video short)
Party goer


Dream On (TV Series) (Also starring)
”Am I Blue” ... Mrs. Swanson
John Landis/HBO

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series)
“Whine, Whine, Whine” ... Judge (Co-Star)
Michael Watkins/ABC


The Postgraduate (Short)
Barbara Porter


Murder of Innocence (TV Movie)
Carol Wade (Supporting)
Tom McLoughlin, Dir.


The Golden Palace (TV Series)
“Camp Town Races Aren't Nearly as Much Fun as They Used to Be” ... Mrs. Pinkerman (Supporting)
Lex Passaris, Dir.

Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story (TV Movie)
Woman at Party (Supporting)
Tom McLoughlin,Dir.

Joyce Meadows-80 (Zebra in the Kitchen-web)
True Identity
FBI Receptionist (Supporting)
Charles Lane, Dir.

Santa Barbara (TV Series) (Recurring)
“Episode #1.1760” ... Psych Ward Nurse
“Episode #1.1758” ... Psych Ward Nurse
Peter Brinckerhoff,MichaelGilona

The Sitter (TV Movie) (Supporting)
Rick Berger, Dir.

L.A. Law (TV Series)
“Splatoon” ... Foreperson (Supporting)
Elodie Keene,Dir


Bad Influence
Mrs. Fielding (Supporting)
Curtis Hanson, Dir.

UNKNOWN DATES (Probably 1980s):

A Different Life (Supporting)
All Time Productions

Rodney Dangerfield Show (Supporting)
Debbie Palacio, Dir.

The Young and the Restless (Supporting)
Frank Pacelli

Days of Our Lives (Recurring)
Richard J. Allen; Susan Orllibkoff

General Hospital (Guest Star)

Unsolved Mysteries (Co-Star)
Joe Ravetz, Dir.

The F.B.I. Untold Stories (Co-Star)
Paul Krazny, Dir.


Rescue 911 (Co-Star)
Ron Brody, Dir.


Punky Brewster (TV Series)
“The Matchmaker” Ms. Maytag (Guest Star)
Guy Menteer,Dir.


“The Christine Jorgensen Story”
Tani (Co-Star)
United Artists


I Saw What You Did
Judith Marak

Zebra in the Kitchen
Isobel Moon (Co-Star)
Ivan Tors, Dir.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV Series)
“Completely Foolproof (1965) ... Anna

Perry Mason (TV Series) [1959-1965]

“The Case of the Frustrated Folksinger” (1965) ... Audrey Stemple
“The Case of the Woeful Widower” (1964) ... Carole Moray
“The Case of the Golden Fraud” (1959) ... Sylvia Welles


Slattery's People (TV Series)
“Question: Is Laura the Name of the Game?” ... Gert

Joyce Meadows-58 (Wagon Train) (web)jpg1963

Breaking Point (TV Series)
“Solo for B-Flat Clarinet” (1963) ... Dr. Mady Miller (as Dara Howard)


Kraft Suspense Theatre (TV Series)
“The Hunt” ... Aline
“The Case Against Paul Ryker: Part 2” ... Aline
“The Case Against Paul Ryker: Part 1” ... Aline

1962 - 1963

Sam Benedict (TV Series)
“Some Fires Die Slowly” (1963) ... Cindy Wynn (as Dara Howard)
“Life Is a Lie, Love Is a Cheat” (1962) ... Gloria Gorman (as Dara Howard)
Maverick (TV Series)
“Epitaph for a Gambler” ... Linda Storey


Lawman (TV Series)
“The Cold One” ... Barbara Harris
“Detweiler's Kid” ... Elfreida Detweiler


Wagon Train (TV Series) [1959 – 1961]
“The Artie Matthewson Story” (1961) ... Melanie Sanders
“The Jed Polke Story” (1961) ... Rheba Polke
“The Conchita Vasquez Story” (1959) ... Martha Williams


Back Street

Cheyenne (TV Series)
“Cross Purpose” ... Madaline DeVier

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Party Guest Shaking Derrier in White Dress (uncredited)


Two Faces West (TV Series) [1960 – 1961]
“The Assassin” (1961) ... Stacy
“Doctor's Orders” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Lesson” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Noose” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Stilled Gun” (1961) ... Maggie
“The Crisis” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Accused” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Return” (1961) ... Stacy
“Performance Under Fire” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Trespasser” (1961) ... Stacy
“The Last Man” (1960) ... Stacy
“The Hanging” (1960) ... Stacy
“The Man in 204” (1960) ... Stacy
“Fallen Gun” (1960) ... Stacy
“The Operation” (1960) ... Stacy
“The Challenge” (1960) ... Stacy
“Sheriff of the Town” (1960) ... Stacy
“Prognosis: Death” (1960) ... Stacy

Joyce (on phone) (print ad) (web)
The Asphalt Jungle (TV Series)
“The Dark Night” ... Carol Shannon

Bringing Up Buddy (TV Series)
“Auntie's Cake” ... Wilella Grant

Michael Shayne (TV Series)
“The Boat Caper” ... Anne Wills

The Aquanauts (TV Series) [1960 – 1961]
“The Jeremiah Adventure” (1961) ... Adrian
“Deep Escape” (1960) ... Barbara Nincel

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series) [1959 – 1961]
“The Throwback” (1961) ... Enid
“A Night with the Boys” (1959) ... Frances Randall
“The Last Dark Step” (1959) ... Janice Wright

Sea Hunt (TV Series)
“Point of No Return” ... Dorothy 'Dottie' Maybrook


Wanted: Dead or Alive (TV Series)
“One Mother Too Many” ... Beth Morrison

Walk Tall
Sally Medford (Co-Star)
20th Century Fox

The Girl in Lovers Lane
Carrie Anders (Co-Star)
20th Century Fox

77 Sunset Strip (TV Series) [1959 – 1963]
“The Tarnished Idol” (1963) ... Marlene Saunders (as Dara Howard)
“Perfect Setup” (1960) ... Jessica King
“Six Superior Skirts” (1959) ... Blaise Newsome

Bachelor Father (TV Series) [1958 – 1960]
“Bentley and the Blood Bank” (1960) ... Isabelle Coughan
“Bentley and the Social Worker” (1958) ... Myra Carter

The Man and the Challenge (TV Series) [1959 – 1960]
“The Dropper” (1960) ... Lynn Allen
“Hurricane Mesa” (1960) ... Lynn Allen
“Buried Alive” (1960) ... Lynn Allen
“The Breaking Point” (1959) ... Lynn Allan
“Sphere of No Return” (1959) ... Lynn Allen

The Texan (TV Series) [1959 – 1960]
“Ruthless Woman (1960)” ... Helen Castle
“South of the Border” (1959) ... Phyllis Herrick

Johnny Ringo (TV Series)
“Border Town” ... Julie

Lock Up (TV Series)
“The Case of Frank Crotty” ... Diane Powell

The Dennis O'Keefe Show (TV Series)
“Cypress Grade School” ... Lois Evans

Markham (TV Series)
“Sing a Song of Murder” ... Mary Stewart/Mrs. Arnold Carson
Joyce Meadows-76 (Joyce Meadows and Maury Dexter -- Walk Tall) [web]

M Squad (TV Series)
“One of Our Armored Cars Is Missing” ... Mrs. Jane Barkley
“The Outsider” ... Ellen Benson

Men Into Space (TV Series)
“Asteroid” ... Lynn Croydon

The Rough Riders (TV Series)
“The Last Rebel” ... Carolyn Miller
“Hired Gun” ... Rosemarie

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (TV Series)
“Marineland Mystery” ... Linda Graham

Tombstone Territory (TV Series)
“Day of the Amnesty” ... Ellen
“Payroll to Tombstone” ... Ellen

State Trooper (TV Series)
“The Silver Spiral” ... Felina Meadows

The Lineup (TV Series)
“The Boylston Billing Case” (1959) ... Paula Adams


Frontier Gun
Peg Barton

U.S. Marshal (TV Series)
“The Kidnapper” ... Carol Robbins

Target (TV Series)
“Murder Is a Bottomless Well” (1958)

Goodyear Theatre (TV Series)

Tales of Wells Fargo (TV Series) [1957 – 1962]
“Incident at Crossbow” (1962) ... Flo Healey (as Dara Howard)
“The Renegade” (1958) ... Mrs. Charley Mason
“The Hijackers” (1957) ... Caroline

The Millionaire (TV Series)
“Millionaire Neal Bowers” ... Ann Lawrence

The Restless Gun (TV Series)
“Sheriff Billy” ... Annie White

Whirlybirds (TV Series)
“The Ashley Case” (1958) ... Mrs. Hobbs

Harbor Command (TV Series)
“Yacht Club” ... Jane Kimberly

Men of Annapolis (TV Series)
“Mister Fireball” ... Betty
Joyce Meadows-43 (Brain -- lobby card 4) [web]

General Electric Theater (TV Series)
“Imp on a Cobweb Leash” (1957) ... Miss Coulter

New Girl in His Life

The Brain from Planet Arous
Sally Fallon (Co-Star)
Nathan Hertz,Dir.

The Web (TV Series)
“Fatal Alibi”

Omar Khayyam
Harem Girl (uncredited)

Highway Patrol (TV Series)
“Suspected Cop” ... Ella McKay

Dr. Christian (TV Series) [1956 – 1957]
“Vaccine” (1957) ... Ann
“Cameraman” (1956) ... Mary


Flesh and the Spur



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