Will Will Fulfill

Will Will Fulfill: Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Performance was a pet project that I wrote and produced, and which I performed for many years in front of audiences of all ages. First done in partnership with my friend David Sage, this successful one-woman program brought William Shakespeare alive in a new and innovative fashion that delighted and inspired everyone from theater-goers to college students. The blend of original narration and music with the Bard’s own words brought alive wit, humor, pathos, turmoil, betrayal, jealousy, hope, love, infatuation, and many other feelings and emotions.img00003

The sonnets have been controversial ever since the death of William Shakespeare in regard to how seriously they might be taken. Were they an account of his life, or just an author’s fantasy, no more far-fetched than the hit film Shakespeare in Love? I presented 48 of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, also telling the stories behind the sonnets, offering further insight into these most resplendent literary works. Staging was by producer/director Merrill Harrington.

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A standing ovation
-- The Player's Club in New York.

"Joyce's program on Shakespeare's sonnets is better than seeing a Shakespeare play."
-- Grand prize winner of the Famous Poets Society Convention.

"You held us spellbound. We loved your interpretation and the approach was brilliant.”
-- Margaret Durnin, Friends of the Library, Long Beach Public Library

"What a brilliant program for all the universities."
-- Ron Greenfield, Spelling Entertainment.img00019 (web)

“Brings a wealth of experience & a passion for Shakespeare's Sonnets, both in her performance and her work with students in Master Classes"
-- Director, Roanoke College.

"Ms Meadows produced delightful entertainment"
-- Ben Donenberg, Shakespeare Festival, Los Angeles.

"Joyce Meadows invited to perform before an international audience which was enthusiastic"
-- The Sixth World Shakespearean Conference.

"The passion with which you infuse your love of Shakespeare and the words, continues to dance in our ears."
-- Borders Books & Music.

"…brings Shakespeare alive on stage…presents each line with candor, allowing us to wander with each work spoken without getting lost" - Elma D. Photikarm, Poems of the World.

"Even those who were not normally attune to Shakespeare were irresistibly drawn to the words as acted out by Ms. Meadows"
-- Fred Eichelman, Ed.D. - Director

“The passion with which you infuse your love of Shakespeare and the words continue to dance on one’s ears.”
--Jonie Craig, Borders Books & Music

“All of our poets marked you down as ‘excellent.’ You were magnificent.”
-- John Hamilton, Director, Famous Poets Society



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