Fan Comments

Just a few of the many fan letters I’ve received that have brought me so much joy!

“I grew up in Athens, Greece in the 1970s before moving to the U. S. to go to college and pursue my dreams in the ‘80s. Part of my childhood was watching American shows on TV – we only got two government controlled channels and a lot of older shows were being shown, where I got to first experience your work on The Brain from Planet Arous (though with Greek subtitles (smiley). After moving to the U.S., I was in for quite a culture shock and took refuge in watching TV to acclimate myself with the language, values and a new pop culture. One of my favorite channels was AMC and later TCM, where I got to see more of your work, on classics like The Girl in Lovers Lane, Walk Tall, and I Saw What You Did. I think there is a certain charm & romantic feel to the golden age of Hollywood, when actors built intriguing characters that engaged us into their plights & journey – and did not have to rely on action, special effects and other gimmicks like today. I think you are simply amazing, stunning as ever and I wanted to take the opportunity to write and epress my sincere admiration and appreciation for all the hard work you put into entertaining us through your career. Congratulations on creating a lasting legacy and my best wishes on all your future endeavors!”
-- Spiros
Brain-gor (web version)
“I’m a very big fan of yours and your acting, especially in the movie The Brain from Planet Arous, where you have been starring in as Sally Fallon. This was really a great piece of acting!  After watching you in that movie, I became such a fan of yours that I was inspired to follow your career and rent and watch out for your movies on TV. And what can I say.. you are an awesome actress! I have been able now to watch quite a few of the movies you were in, and it is amazing in what great productions you were involved. My favourites among your many foles are your part as Carrie Anders in The Girl in Lovers Lane, your role as Sally Medford in Walk Tall, and of course your guest-appearances in the legendary M Squad. After knowing some of  your work I have to say that you are an amazing actress and an absolutely gorgeous one!”
-- Andre, Germany

”Your films are very beautiful, sensitive and interesting. Can you imagine the character in each film. Each character is your best, whether it’s positive or negative figure. I’ll be looking forward to ever look and visit our beautiful city of Brno, which is in the middle of Europe. Czech Republic,”
-- Martin, Slovakia

“Hi, my name is Greg. I am a very big fan of your work. I love The Brain From Planet Arous. After weeing you in that I went on to watch Walk Tall and The Girl in Lover’s Lane. I love the classic films so much more than the movies they make today.”
-- Greg, Jarrettsville, MarylandJoyce and Monster (web)

“My name is Edward. I live in Russia in the small city of Novocherkassk. For me a great honor to write to you. I very much like your creativity. You are incredibly talented... I wish you success and health and I invite you to Russia.”
-- Edward, Novocherkassk, Russia

“I am a huge fan of the horror and science fiction genre of film, and one of my first movies I saw as a kid was The Brain... (It scared the dickens out of me, but hooked me into watching more films of the same genre!) I have seen Brain more than a dozen times over the years, Miss Meadows, and it remains a favorite film, even if it scares me just a tad less than it did when I was a boy.”
-- David, Hackensack, New Jersey

“You are one of my grandma’s favorite all-time ‘Stars.’ I remember her talking about a few of your shows and movies, like Two Faces West and The Girl In Lovers Lane.
-- John Paul, Strongsville, Ohio

“I am 35, student and soon to be law student her in Texas.  I have been a huge fan for sometime now, just have not had the chance to write you. You just have this classic timeless beauty about you, I am in awe... just stunning. I saw you for the first time in an Episode of Perry Mason some time ago and I have been a fan ever since. You have flourished into such an amazing actress. You have quite an accomplished resume. You not only are a talent actress but you could have been a model as well back then when you first started acting.”
-- Praf, Lubbock, Texas

Who wouldn’t feel wonderful after reading sentiments like these?



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