McKellar MacSchecter

The backbone (and beard) of Monstrous Movie Music, McKellar MacSchecter loves being MMM’s mascot, especially because he’s paid in doggie treats! The super-stubborn-but lovable Wheaten Scottish Terrier was named after the great Scottish tenor, Kenneth McKellar, but unlike his mellifluous namesake, his ear-shattering high-pitched barks cannot be considered true vocal artistry.

Mac is a huge fan of film and television, and in addition to following the on-screen antics of classic dog stars like Rusty and Asta, he loves almost all 1950s monster movies, barking incessantly whenever she catches a glimpse of everything from The Crawling Eye to Ghidorah to The Giant Gila Monster. To him they’re just “critters.” When not keeping his eyes on such video invaders, he loves chasing bunnies, California fence lizards, quail, definitely putty-tats, and pretty much anything else that moves, including blowing leaves and empty plastic bags.

McKellar is presently rehearsing for the first monster movie about a Scottish Terrier, It Came from Beneath Aberdeen. See promotional photo below...

It Came from Beneath Aberdeen

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