Ship of Fools [MMM-1962] is one of the most-desired scores by the incredibly-talented Ernest Gold.  Nominated for 8 Academy Awards, this 1965 star-studded powerhouse drama produced and directed by the legendary Stanley Kramer features a magnificent “Main Title,” a memorable love theme, and more original Viennese waltzes and dance cues than you can shake a ship at.  Gold displays his gift for melody in this unique and delightful score that emphasizes chamber music over bombast.Ship of Fools poster

A “concertized” re-recording of the score by The Boston Pops was released on record album in 1965, but this is the premiere release of the original monophonic soundtrack conducted by Gold, including twice as many compositions as were on that out-of-print album.  This special CD is limited to 1,000 units.

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Ship of Fools cover

MMM-1962     Total Time: 57:06


1:         Main Title  3:21
2:         Captain’s Table  3:43
3:         Debonair Denny  2:34
4:         A Minority of Two  1:19
5:         Manco  3:22
6:         Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann  :55
7:         Cold Hearts & Hot Heads  1:56
8:         The Gorplander Waltz  3:13
9:         The Party  5:56
10:       Bedside Manner  1:21
11:       Tscherman Tscharm  2:48
12:  Schmachteetzen  :59
13:       Heute Abend Geh’n Wir Bummeln
     Auf Der Reeperbahn 1:18
14:       Cecelia Waltz  6:00
15:       Kaiserin Viktoria Tango  2:07
16:       Errand of Mercy  :49
17:       Charleston for Fools  1:23
18:       Old Eyes  1:58
19:  The Visit  :26
20:       Goodbye  1:13
21:       Curtain Calls  5:10
22:       End Credits  :46

Bonus Track
 23:      Captain's Table (alternate version) 4:24

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