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Monstrous Movie Music

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Creature From The Black Lagoon

Mighty Joe Young

This Island Earth

Monstrous Movie Music

The Mole People

Music Mole People Main Title
        Main Title
  (Herman Stein, Heinz Roemheld)



Music Them! Wreck
       Wreck  (Bronislau Kaper)

Music Them The Descent

       The Descent  (Bronislau Kaper)
Music Them Wall Map

       The Wall Map  (Bronislau Kaper)
Music Them Through The Tunnels

       Through The Tunnels  (Bronislau Kaper)
Music Them End Of The Monsters

       End Of The Monsters  (Bronislau Kaper)


It Came From Outer Space

Music Outer Space Main Title
       Main Title  (Herman Stein)
Music Outer Space Sand Rock

       Sand Rock  (Herman Stein)
Music Outer Space Star Gazing

       Star Gazing  (Irving Gertz)
Music Outer Space Visitors From Space

       Visitors From Space  (Herman Stein)
Music Outer Space Globs Give Instructions

       Globs Give Instructions  (Herman Stein)
Music Outer Space End Title

       End Title  (Henry Mancini)


It Came From Beneath The Sea

Music Beneath The Sea Main Title
       Main Title  (Mischa Bakaleinikoff)
Music Beneath The Sea Love By The Sea

       Love By The Sea  (Mischa Bakaleinikoff)
Music Beneath The Sea Monster Beneath The Sea

       Monster Beneath The Sea  (Mischa Bakaleinikoff)





       Main Title  (Herman Stein)
Music Tarantula Evening Snack

       Evening Snack  (Henry Mancini)
Music Tarantula Burying The Evidence

       Burying The Evidence  (Herman Stein)
Music Tarantula Bringing Down The House

       Bringing Down The House  (Herman Stein)
Music Tarantula Big Bunnies

       Big Bunnies  (Henry Mancini)


The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Music Beast Far North
       Far North
  (David Buttolph)
Music Beast Extinguish The Lighthouse

       Extinguishing The Lighthouse  (David Buttolph)

       Diving Bell  (David Buttolph)

Music Beast Monster Does Manhattan

       Monster Does Manhattan
  (David Buttolph)
Music Beast Absent Professor

       Absent Professor  (David Buttolph)


The Monolith Monsters

Music Monolith Main Title

       Main Title  (Irving Gertz)



Music Gorgo Main Title

       Main Title  (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Music Gorgo Underwater

       Underwater  (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Music Gorgo Mama Rises

       Mama Rises  (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Music Gorgo On The Island

       On The Island  (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Music Gorgo London Trampled

       London Trampled  (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)



(and other jungle pictures)

The M-G-M Tarzan films

Music Tarzan Cannibal Carnival
       Fanfare  (David Snell) & A Cannibal Carnival  (Sol Levy)
Music Tarzan My Tender One

       My Tender One  (William Axt)


Creature From The Black Lagoon

Music Creature Main Title

       Main Title  (Herman Stein)

Music Creature The Diver

       The Diver  (Henry Mancini)
Music Creature Unknown River

       Unknown River  (Henry Mancini)
Music Creature Kay And The Monster

       Kay And The Monster, Part 1  (Herman Stein)
Music Creature End Title

       End Title  (Hans J. Salter)
Music Creature End Cast

       End Cast  (Herman Stein)


The Alligator People

Music Alligator Main Title

       Main Title  (Irving Gertz)

Music Alligator People Dark Memories

       Dark Memories
  (Irving Gertz)
Music Alligator People The Swamp

       The Swamp  (Irving Gertz)
Music Alligator People Alligator Head

       Alligator Head   (Irving Gertz)


Mighty Joe Young

Mighty Joe Young

Music Mighty Joe Young Main Title

        Main Title  (Roy Webb)
Music Mighty Joe Young Baby Joe And Transition To New York

        Baby Joe & Transition To New York  (Roy Webb)

Music Mighty Joe Young Beautiful Dreamer

        Beautiful Dreamer  (Roy Webb/Stephen Foster)
Music Mighty Joe Young Curtain Fanfare

        Curtain Fanfare  (Roy Webb)


20 Million Miles To Earth

Music 20 Millon Miles Heaven

        Heaven  (Frederick Hollander)  [part of this cue was used in the
                 Main Title from 20 Million Miles To Earth]
Music 20 Million Miles Birth Of The Creature

        Birth Of The Creature  (Mischa Bakaleinkoff)
Music 20 Millon Miles Sicily

        Sicily  (Mischa Bakaleinkoff)

Muaix 20 Million Miles Evil Deed

        Evil Deed  (Max Steiner)
Music 20 Millon Miles Throws Stones

        Throws Stones  (Mischa Bakaleinkoff)



This Island Earth

Music This Island Earth From Unit 16

       From Unit #16
  (Herman Stein)

Music This Island Earth Interocitor Montage

       Interocitor Montage  (Herman Stein)
Music This Island Earth Amorous Mutant

        Amorous Mutant  (Henry Mancini)
Music This Island Earth Exeter's Mansion

        Exeter’s Mansion  (Herman Stein)

Music This Island Earth Shooting Stars

        Shooting Stars  (Herman Stein)


The Day of the Triffids

Music Main Title

        Main Title  (Ron Goodwin)
Music Triffids A Sight For Sore Eyes

        A Sight For Sore Eyes  (Ron Goodwin)

Music Triffids Spanish Square

        Spanish Square  (Ron Goodwin)


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