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This is the first 2-CD set from Monstrous Movie Music, and we couldnít think of a better two-disc release than one featuring the science fiction music of that classic composing team of Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter (The Fly, Jack the Giant Killer, It! The Terror From Beyond Space).

Kronos/The Cosmic Man [MMM-1963/1964] features one of the great monster scores of the fifties, that being 1957ís Kronos.  The giant-robot-from-space movie is one of the most requested sci-fi soundtracks, and we are proud to offer it in its entirety!Kronos poster

From atmospheric passages highlighting the incredible sounds of the electric violin to brassy and percussion-rich cues that capture the essence of the metallic behemoth, this 50-minute score is destined to be one of your favorite monster scores of the era.  This release features the original monophonic soundtrack taken from the composersí master tapes.


While 1959ís The Cosmic Man is by no means a great motion picture, and even calling it a minor motion picture is a bit of a stretch, Sawtell and Shefter obviously knew they had to be creative to give the film a musical coating to bring out all the atmosphere and mystery that the movie itself failed to generate. Although recorded with a small orchestra, The Cosmic Manís music shows the composersí ingenuity by using all sorts of devices and orchestration to add the requisite sci-fi flavor to this movie.  Trills, a healthy dose of percussive tricks, tremolo strings, and electric violin and organ are some of the musical effects used to bring the tale to life.  Cosmic Man lobby card

A great companionpiece to Kronos, the score for The Cosmic Man makes for a fun and creepy listening experience. This Monstrous Movie Music release not only contains the full orchestral score, but also cues not used in the picture and Sawtell/Shefter musical sound effects, too!

Because this is a two-CD set, Monstrous Movie Music is giving you two separate liner books, too, each replete with facts and trivia about the music.  There are also photos of the music manuscripts from both scores.  You canít consider yourself a science fiction fanatic unless you have the monstrous strains of Kronos and The Cosmic Man in your soundtrack library!

As an added bonus, the cover features specially-commissioned art by Hugo Award-winning artist Vincent DiFate.

This special 2-CD set costs $24.95 (only $5.00 more than our regular single CDs).

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MMM-1963/1964      Total Time: 49:16/31:35


1:         Main Title 1:45
2:         Asteroid, Pt. 1 2:49
3:         Asteroid, Pt. 2 3:00
4:         Dr. Eliot Working 1:59
5:         Dr. Eliot Goes to Computing Room :26
6:         Vera & Les Leave Lab :39
7:         Asteroid Heading for Earth, Pt. 1 2:37
8:         Asteroid Heading for Earth, Pt. 2 :25
9:         Dr. Eliot in Pain 1:10
10:      The Heliocopter Search 1:01
11:      Dr. Eliot in Hospital :28
12:      Dr. Eliot Awakens 1:36
13:       Asteroid Rises From Sea :50
14:      The Asteroid Commands 1:56
15:      Fantastic Monster 3:59
16:      Eliot Escapes :47
17:      Power Resources 4:16
18:      Attack on Kronos 3:01
19:      The Bomb, Pt. 1 4:04
20:      The Bomb, Pt. 2 4:29
21:      Kronos on Rampage :54
22:       Kronos Attacked 4:07
23:       Kronos Destroyed & End Title 2:47

1:         Main Title 2:02
2:         The Investigation 2:31
3:         The Space Ball :40
4:         Hall of Science :21
5:         Race Into Space 1:03
6:         Nite Lodge 1:26
7:         Strange Doings 3:41
8:         Karlís Visitor :20
9:         The Stranger 2:06
10:      Stranger Enters :25
11:       Cosmic Theme :19
12:      The Tape Machine 1:14
13:       Tape Loop 1:14
14:      The Cosmic Man Appears 2:04
15:       Cosmic Message 1:27
16:      Observatory :06
17:       To the Lodge :12
18:      Kathy Hears Voices :36
19:       The Boyís Visitor :26
20:      The Preparation :19
21:      Cosmic Man Destroyed 3:02
22:      End Title 3:17

Bonus Tracks:
23:      Bloop! :26
24:      Magic Bloop! :49
25:       Cosmic Theme (complete) 1:17 

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